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Babybay Maxi - Natural

Babybay Maxi - Natural

£219.50 Regular Price
£164.63Sale Price

For those that want more space the Babybay Maxi is the ideal option. It has a wider base and mattress area so is also perfect for twins. Want even more space? Two cots can be joined together to create a larger sleep zone so twins can stay together longer or we have our Boxspring XXL version. 


For a more modern feel we have the Maxi Advance which has all the benefits of the Maxi but with flat slatted bars instead of the more traditional rounded ones. 


Suitable attached to bed from birth to 6 months (or when baby can sit up unaided)

  • Made from natural beechwood

  • Wider sleep area 

  • Keeps baby close

  • Ideal for twins

  • Securely attaches to parents bed

  • Patented clamp system

  • Wipe clean

  • Grows with your family


Don't forget your mattress! Click here to purchase one. 

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