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Babybay Bedside Cot in UK

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Dear Customers

It is with much regret that we must advise all our customers & future customers who may have been waiting for the New Babybay Bedside cot since 2021, that it is not now going to be available from NSAuk in the foreseeable future.

Babybay bedside cot has been the forerunner in this category & the market leader in many countries since its inception in 2005.

In December 2020, a new safety standard was introduced for the UK market (BS EN1130:2019). This involved the necessity of a half side rail (12cms) to be in use at all times on bedside sleepers.  The Babybay bedside cot siderail is removable & inline with the principle of a bedside cot acting as a safe sleep zone & an extension of the parents’ bed. This is the very essence of why Babybay & subsequent cots have been developed. Babybay is currently unable to comply with this new standard.

Whilst there is no other cot like the Babybay, we sincerely hope that you can find an alternative cot to suit your needs.

Our bamboo covered mattresses are made in the UK & continue to comply to ALL UK safety standards, as do our waterproof fitted sheets. These are still available to order for UK delivery, as are other Babybay accessories.


BabybayUK Sales & Marketing Team at NSAuk

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