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Babybay Mattresses


Help your baby sleep soundly with one of our UK made mattresses. There are two types available – either deluxe foam or coconut & wool fibre – both are specially designed and made to fit the unique D-shape of the Babybay bedside sleeper.  

  • All natural coconut fibre or deluxe foam inner

  • Soft and luxurious zipped bamboo fibre cover 

  • Removable and washable cover 

  • Anti-bacterial & hypo-allergenic properties 

  • UK approved – meeting all British safety standards 

  • Specifically made to fit babybay D-shape  

Natural Coconut or Deluxe Foam Mattress 

Our coconut mattresses contain natural coconut husk surrounded by exceptionally soft, pure new wool wadding. The complex layer system of the coconut husk means it has fantastic breathability. It is also naturally hypo-allergenic and contains no harmful chemicals. Our coconut mattresses offer a medium to firm sleep while our deluxe foam versions give a softer sleep. 


Why a Bamboo cover? 

All our mattresses are covered with Bamboo – the most eco-friendly material of the 21st century. Bamboo’s soft and luxurious feel combined with its natural, anti-bacterial properties creates a fabric that is four times better than cotton, offering a more comfortable sleep for your baby. Bamboo’s natural anti-bacterial defences act as a deodorant maintaining freshness and is resistant to pests and fungus. Bamboo really is a must have for allergy sufferers. 

You can also protect your mattress with a B.sensible 2-in-1 breathable & waterproof fitted Tencel sheet – available separately.

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