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Babybay XXL - Natural

Babybay XXL - Natural

SKU: BXXL-168100-200-XN

The latest addition to our Babybay Collection is our XXL model designed to enable a longer use of your Babybay and can fit a larger 60cm tall siderail. The boxspring XXL fits the highest divan beds and is available with an anchor strap to securely attach to the parents bed. 

The  XXL also boasts a larger sleep area so like the  Maxi, Maxi Advance and standard Boxspring is suitable for twins. 


  • Available with a Natural Beechwood finish

  • For high divan beds

  • Suitable for twins

  • Made from natural beechwood

  • Can be used with a taller 60cm siderail for longer use (purchase separately)

  • Keeps baby close

  • More rest for parents and baby

  • Easy access for nighttime feeding

  • Securely attaches to parents bed 

  • Wipe clean

  • Side rail available to create a stand alone crib

  • Grows with your family 


Don't forget your mattress! Click here to purchase one. 

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