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Babybay XXL

The latest addition to our Babybay Collection is our  XXL model designed to enable a longer use of your Babybay and can fit a larger 60cm tall siderail. Once you have finished using your Babybay as a bedside sleeper simply change side rails, drop the base and you have a standard size cot for use until baby goes into their first bed. The XXL fits the highest divan beds and is available with an anchor strap to securely attach to the parents bed. 

The XXL also boasts a larger sleep area so like the  Maxi, Maxi Advance and standard Boxspring is suitable for twins. 

Lying area size: 105 x 57cm 

Cot height: 96.5cm 


  • Available in Natural, Grey or White

  • For high divan beds

  • Suitable for twins

  • Made from natural beechwood

  • Can be used with a taller 60cm siderail for longer use

  • Keeps baby close

  • More rest for parents and baby

  • Easy access for nighttime feeding

  • Securely attaches to parents bed 

  • Wipe clean

  • Side rail available to create a stand alone crib

  • Grows with your family 

Fits to any height bed

The sleep platform can be fully adjusted to any height to ensure it sits flush with your mattress

Easily attaches with clamps

Lock your Babybay into position using the patented clamp system. 

Add a siderail

For extra safety you can also add a siderail to create a standalone crib.

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