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Babybay Original

Our best selling Babybay - the Babybay Original. With its unique D-shape and patented clamp system the Babybay Original is the ideal bedside sleeper for your baby. Suitable attached to bed from birth to 6 months (or when baby can sit up unaided) the Babybay Original offers all the benefits of co sleeping without any of the perceived risks. 

Lying area size: 81 x 42cm

Cot height: 79cm

  • Available in Natural, Grey,White or Dark Brown

  • Made from natural beechwood

  • Keeps baby close

  • More rest for parents and baby

  • Easy access for nighttime feeding

  • Securely attaches to parents bed

  • Patented clamp system

  • Wipe clean

  • Side rail available to create a standalone crib

  • Grows with your family 

For help picking your perfect Babybay click here.

Fits to any height bed

The sleep platform can be fully adjusted to any height to ensure it sits flush with your mattress.

Easily attaches with clamps

Lock your Babybay into position using the patented clamp system. 

Add a siderail

For added safety you can also attach a siderail to convert your Babybay into a standalone crib.

Additional information

Available in five different models: Original, Maxi, Maxi Advance and Maxi Boxspring and Boxspring XXL and in seven different colours, the multi-award winning, all natural bedside sleeper provides the perfect start for your baby. 

At Babybay we realise how important sleep is, especially in those early months so having baby next to you helps promote a more restful sleep for both parents and baby. This is achieved by easier access for nighttime feeding and helping baby sense and smell their parents. We offer all the benefits of co sleeping without many of the perceived risks.

As well as safe side by side sleeping Babybay's all natural properties ensures your baby is sleeping in the perfect environment.  All Babybay's are made from sustainably sourced beechwood with no harmful chemicals or toxic glues and you can rest assured that we never use plastics. 


The safe sleep zone keeps baby up close yet without the fear of overheating or being rolled upon and the patented clamp system securely attaches the cot to the parents bed ensuring the two mattresses are completely flush with each other with no dangerous lips or ridges. A removeable side comes with all Babybay's. We know flexibility is key so our cots are designed to fit any height or style of bed and the addition of quiet, lockable castors make Babybay portable.​

Our Babybay's are suitable as bedside sleepers from birth to 6 months, or when baby can sit up unaided. The Boxspring XXL also has the option of a 60cm siderail to prolong life as a cot even further allowing you to use it before moving baby into their first bed. 


To give the best value for money, and to prolong the life of your Babybay conversion kits can transform your bedside sleeper into a cot, playpen, high chair, desk or bench seat. 

For help picking the perfect Babybay click here.

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